Energy consumption management tool

ezyperf, the energy management solution

Are you looking for an energy management tool?

ezyEnergieis a comprehensive management tool designed by experts. It has been designed to meet the needs of inter-municipal energy syndicates.

ezyEnergielets you view the electricity and gas consumption of all your member municipalities, making it easier to keep track of them.

So you can :

  • Measure overall electricity & gas consumption
  • Monitor consumption for each commune and site
  • Personalized access for every member
  • Securing and facilitating the input of information

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What are the advantages of using an energy management tool?

Save time

Within our ezyEnergietool, avoid data entry, automate energy consumption reports.

Facilitating collaborative work

Send automatic e-mail invitations to add new members, contact management, document storage, etc.

Measuring energy consumption

Access automated, detailed reports for each of your member municipalities.

Gaining autonomy

Provide access to your member, who can validate his or her perimeter independently.

What are the benefits of the ezyEnergie application?

Membership form 

  • Electricity and gas
  • PCE number for each site
  • Adding contacts
  • Adding documents
  • Create a new member using the form
  • Bank of documents provided by the union for members' use

Consumption monitoring

  • Information on electricity/gas consumption by city and site (contract info, HC, HP, peak consumption, etc.)
  • Vision of consumption spread over each month of the year


  • Sending and electronic signature of consent files for automated data collection from energy suppliers

The advantages of ezyperf ?

  • A unique know-how 
  • A customizable turnkey tool made by our experts
  • The possibility to upgrade your software according to your future needs
  • Customized support for your project (before, during and after)

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