Industrial production management software

ezyperf, the solution for managing your industrial production

Our industrial production management solution enables managers, CFOs, controllers and other senior finance executives to manage a simple industrial production management process.

The ezyperf software allows you to:

  • Measuring performance
  • Monitoring projects
  • Control your entire production line

Do like them, join operational excellence by ezyperf

Why choose ezyperf's industrial production management software?

Simplify your data management

Ergonomic, fast and customizable, collect in real time production data necessary for production management. Thus, you can analyze and measure the industrial performance.

Follow all the production

A complete solution to monitor in real time the production management process and subcontracting:

  • Scheduling and production launch
  • Grouping of operations, lots
  • Dematerialization and follow-up of OFs
  • Recording of production times (direct and indirect hours) and raw material outputs
  • Monitoring of equipment status (life cycle, start-up, shut-down, etc.), metering, process parameters
  • Management of material transfers
  • Inventory management

Instant and objective visibility of production

Automated reporting dashboards make it easy to view production monitoring data. Create and compare what-if scenarios to see the impact of your potential decisions before you make them. A solution solution to save time and increase flexibility.

Controlling production times and costs

With our industrial production management tool, you can improve your future productivity by prioritizing and forecasting impacts. Our solution will increase the profitability of your projects and accelerate your decision making and projects.

How do I measure the success of my productivity projects?

Our customer case study

Discover an example of a company in the luxury sector that has succeeded in better coordinating its projects between purchasing and factories, through a central database accessible by all?


> 4 factories - 1 headquarters and more than 50 managers involved.

> 5 different reporting formats.


> How to harmonise reporting, generate a pipe from synergies and make the savings budget reliable?

> How can projects be better coordinated between purchasing and factories?

Issues :

> 100% of projects and tracks tracked on a single tool.

> Make data shareable to facilitate project progress and promote synergies (workflow).


Gain of 50% in piloting & increase in earnings of 500 K€ / year over 2 years compared to the initial roadmap.

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