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The Royaumont Foundation

Royaumont Abbey is an ancient monastery in Asnières-sur-Oise, founded in 1228 by King Louis IX and his mother Blanche de Castille. The abbey has played an important role in France's religious and cultural history for centuries.

In 1964 , the Royaumont Foundation was created by a couple of patrons, Henry and Isabel Goüin. Owner of the donatedbbaye cistercienne reçu en donation, the Fondation's mission is to preserve and enrich this heritage, to bring it to life by making it available to artists, and to make it accessible to a diverse public.

The Royaumont Foundation has thus become a cultural and artistic centera place for promoting the arts and culture. But also, a place welcoming for young international artistsx artists music and dance so that they can train composition and performance.

The site is also committed to children and teenagers of the region, who are welcomed through a variety of cultural and heritageawakening to culture and heritage.

The Henry Goüin Committee

"In creating the Royaumont Foundation, Henry Goüin, chairman of the Batignolles construction company founded by his grandfather Ernest Goüin, donated the abbey to the Foundation and realized his dream of creating an alliance between the worlds of business and culture. The name of Henry Goüin, industrialist, music lover and patron of the arts, a pioneer of collective patronage, came to the fore when the first members set up the Committee in 1992." (source Royaumont)

Today, the Comité Henry Goüin federates companies of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors, all committed to supporting the foundation's projects.

The aim? To bring the worlds of business and culture closer together, by supporting innovation andartistic excellence, as well as giving childrenaccess to culture and artistic practice.

The Comité Henry Goüin is also committed to the transmission of heritage, which contributes to the preservation of history and art. It provides invaluable support by hosting artists in residence at Royaumont .

As a result, ezyperf , sharing common values and local commitment made in 95, joined the Committee 2 years ago, providing essential support for the Royaumont Foundation's cultural initiatives. This commitment testifies toezyperf's desire to invest in future generations: developing young talent through events .

The life of the Comité Henry Goüin

The Henry Goüin Committee is punctuated throughout the year by privileged moments of exchange between its members and the Foundation team.he Henry Goüin Committee is punctuated throughout the year by privileged moments of exchange between members and the Foundation team, during meetings at Royaumont Abbey. The members also decide on the Committee's annual support program.

In addition,ezyperfis actively involved in various cultural and artistic events to support the Royaumont Foundation and promote culture: concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, conferences, etc.

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