Company mascot: Pezy, the new recruit

Corporate mascot: Pezy, ezyperf's newest recruit is delighted to present its corporate mascot: Pezy! Contents Why create a corporate mascot? A corporate mascot serves as an emblem, good luck charm or symbol for the company, creating an image associated with its logotype. It can also serve as a spokesperson, representing the company's identity and [...]
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The year 2023

Relive 2023 with ezyperf

Relive the year 2023 with ezyperf As 2023 draws to a close, the entire ezyteam looks back on the year of its 10th anniversary! Summary 2023, the year of 10 years of ezyperf! The year 2023 is drawing to a close. It's time to look back on 2023, a very special year for ezyperf.
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Ezyperf in Le Figaro

Ezyperf in Figaro Partner

Ezyperf in Figaro Partner Contents ezyperf in Figaro Partner - Opt for 100% customized control software ezyperf appeared in Figaro Partner on December 15, 2023, a business-oriented section of the Figaro, covered in advertocopies and integrated into the daily newspaper in [...].
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Ezyperf, patron of the Comité Henry Goüin

Ezyperf, patron of the Comité Henry Goüin Contents Photo credit: The Royaumont Foundation Royaumont Abbey is an ancient monastery in Asnières-sur-Oise, founded in 1228 by King Louis IX and his mother Blanche de Castille. The abbey has played an important role in France's religious and cultural history for centuries. It is [...]
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Ezyperf in the L'Union newspaper

Ezyperf in the Journal de L'Union Contents Ezyperf in the Journal de L'Union - setting up in the Grand Est region Ezyperf appeared in the Journal de l'Union on June 19, 2023. The Journal de l'Union, a French daily distributed in the Grand Est region, covers a range of regional news, including the development of ezyperf. [...]
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Open de Golf 2023

Open de Golf 2023 The Open de Golf 2023 by ezyperf was held on Tuesday July 04 for the 6th edition and the company's 10th anniversary. Contents Open de Golf 2023: a day of golf A beautiful day of golf, rich in exchanges and sharing in a green setting at the L'Isle-Adam golf course ⛳ [...] [...]
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Inauguration of new premises in Reims

Inauguration of new premises in Reims Inauguration of new premises in Reims, ezyperf opens new premises in downtown Reims. The aim is to meet ezyperf's strong ambitions, such as the development of its business and its proximity to the Grand Est region. On Thursday June 15, 2023, partners, customers and friends gathered to celebrate the [...]
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