Company mascot: Pezy, the new recruit

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ezyperf is delighted to present its corporate mascot: Pezy!


Why create a corporate mascot?

A corporate mascot serves as an emblem, good-luck charm or symbol forthe company, creating an image associated with its logotype. It can also serve as a spokesperson, representing thebrand's identity, while fostering an emotional bond with consumers.

On the other hand, the mascot offers a more memorable image for consumers and solidly reinforces our brand's position.

ezyperf's corporate mascot: Pezy

With this in mind, we chose a mascot to representour brand image and values. We named her Pezy. Our mascot Pezy embodies ezyperf's role as a facilitator for its customers, but also as a support and text explainer.

Its visual identity is embodied by a face integrated into the octagon representing theezyperflogo. This virtuous circle representscontinuous improvement , while the representation of thenut symbolizes the industrial world in which ezyperf operates.

Pezy's face sports a smiling, reassuring and expert expression, and her arms arewelcoming and reassuring . The colors ofezyperf's graphic charter are repeated, notably purple, in a nod to founder Sylvain Laviolette, expressingaccomplishment and pragmatism.

Our mascot Pezy reflects the diversity and versatility ofezyperf. Her aim is toenhance the user experience on our customers' websites and applications, making them more user-friendly, interactive and efficient .

On the other hand, the mascot offers a more memorable image for consumers and solidly reinforces our brand's position.

The corporate mascot in the Chatbot

In the form of a chatbot integrated into the ezyperfwebsite, our mascot Pezy is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the various services and features.

Whether you have questions about our solutions or would like to talk to an expert, Pezy is there to assist you, acting as a true facilitator.

The corporate mascot in customer applications

Pezy is also present as a new feature within customer applications, offering users tips, advice, and even definitions on specific terms to facilitate use and provide an optimal experience.

Our corporate mascot embodies the dynamic, innovative spirit of our company, but also our commitment to customer service excellence and to making every interaction with our customers as easy as possible.


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