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The Big Conference and
FiPlus' 10th anniversary party


The meta-network of Corporate Financiers

FiPlus is the meta-network of Corporate Financiers in France. Created in 2011, FiPlus federates the Corporate Finance Clubs of alumni from Grandes Ecoles, Universities, Engineering Schools, as well as professional organizations of Corporate Finance.

The association promotes corporate finance, the diversity of its professions and its best practices and actively contributes to the reflections related to the transformation of the profession.

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FiPlus is : 

  • 15 member clubs
  • 30,000+ Corporate Financiers
  • 400+ events relayed & organized

Event 2023: FiPlus celebrates its 10th anniversary!

On January 16, 2022, the FiPlus Association organized a big conference and party to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the Salons des Arts et Métiers in Paris. More than 170 guests were present: CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), GMs (General Managers), VPs (Vice Presidents), etc.

An evening event where various speakers came to discuss the theme: " Long time, short time - Let's reinvent together the sustainable and connected Corporate Finance ".

A rich program with :

The conferences were followed by a cocktail party for a moment of exchange, reunion and networking, especially thanks to the many partners of which ezyperfis a part!

ezyperf & FiPlus

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Partner for more than 10 years, ezyperfwas present at this event. An ezyperfstand was dedicated to the presentation of the activity and solutions. The ezyteamalso helped with the logistics and the organization of the event.

Sylvain LAVIOLETTE, the founder and CEO ofezyperf, and an active member of the FiPlus association board, led a round table discussion on the issue: " Data and Governance, fundamental pillars of CSR? ". An exchange dealing with the evolution of the finance professions in the service of a more sustainable strategy and the importance of the superposition of long time (of strategy) and short time to go beyond the short term performance and help companies to become regenerative to create holistic value!

The topic continued with the presentation of our new CSR tool that calculates the carbon footprint according to the means of travel. Whether by car, subway or even scooter, a good way to realize your impact on the planet! 🌎

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