Purchasing glossary


Are you unfamiliar with all the terms, acronyms and expressions used in the world of purchasing?

Our Purchasing Glossary has been designed to simplify the sometimes complex terms used in the world of purchasing, making it easier to understand this technical language.

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Purchasing glossary

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Responsible purchasing
Responsible purchasing refers to a company's purchases that respect its social and environmental responsibilities.

Service that consists of purchasing goods and/or services for a company.

Direct purchases
Purchases of components (ingredients, packaging) included in production costs.

Indirect purchases
They contribute to the smooth running of the company (energy).

Global buyer 
Responsible for one or more product categories (other term: category manager), and initiates the purchasing strategy for them (gives local buyers the steps to follow).

Local buyer
Responsible for purchasing within a plant (multi-category, one plant) and manages relations with local suppliers.

AOP (Annual Operations Planning)
BUDGET (detailed projection of all estimated revenues and expenses).

Procurement is different from purchasing. - Purchaser: order and inventory management - Buyer: choice of suppliers, management of price conditions, lead times, etc.
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