Purchasing glossary


Are you unfamiliar with all the terms, acronyms and expressions used in the world of purchasing?

Our Purchasing Glossary has been designed to simplify the sometimes complex terms used in the world of purchasing, making it easier to understand this technical language.

In this glossary you will find :

💡 Clear, precise definitions

💡 In-depth explanations for optimum understanding.

💡 Frequent updates to stay ahead of the curve.

Purchasing glossary

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Added value
Operations carried out by the company on raw materials (transport, production, assembly, packaging, labeling, etc.).

Supplier watch
Keeping abreast of new suppliers, technological advances, innovations, etc., in order to take advantage of them.

Market watch
The act of staying informed about a given market, its main players, its locations... in order to take advantage of it.

Purchase volume
Quantity purchased over a period.
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